Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

We at Vision Inspired endeavour to treat Recycling as the last resort in the battle to reduce waste. VI feel as a company it is our duty to initially attempt to Reduce usage. Then we would look to Reuse wherever possible and finally, only after these two processes have been exhausted we would then consider Recycling.

icon-energyEnergy Efficiency
icon-4Waste Minimisation
icon-3Reduction of transportation fuel
icon-2Sustainable sourcing of timber products from managed sustainable forests
icon-5Promote recycling to our clients


Our Environmental Policy

  • vi are committed to dealing wherever possible with manufacturers who seek to prevent pollution and improve the environmental performance of their operations.
  • vi wherever possible use manufacturers/suppliers who comply to the current legislations and other regulatory requirements, and have BS EN ISO 14001 1996 Environmental Management Systems Certification.
  • vi use products that are manufactured from wood which is sourced from sustainable well managed forests which are regulated by PEFC Council members.
  • vi will take responsibility to remove all packing/waste from site. Storage and disposal of waste shall comply with the ‘Waste Management Regulations Authority’.



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